Thanks for sharing with us your knowledge. I felt I learned a lot.

D. G. from London April 30, 2024

It was a very complete course and the practices help to better understand the topics

L. A. from London April 30, 2024

O curso é muito bem explicativo e as práticas ajudam a tiras dúvidas.
Muito bom.

M. F. from London April 30, 2024

The first aid class was informative and engaging. The instructor covered a wide range of topics, from basic wound care to CPR techniques, in a clear and understandable manner. Hands-on practice sessions were particularly helpful in reinforcing the skills taught. Overall, it was a valuable experience that equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively in emergency situations.

A. B. from London April 30, 2024

Cpr practices understood and breathing well explained for both adults and children and also the correct use of first aid items.

J. F. from London April 30, 2024

Very good and efficient course. A kind and explanatory instructor for the course, that cares about the difference he’s making in our community and the lives of others. Overall, great course!

A. V. from St Thomas April 30, 2024

Very helpful, clearly understanding the class.
Thank you.

S. J. from London April 23, 2024

I have been taking courses with CPR in London for a number of years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to take this course. The course covers all the essential skills we, as registered providers, need to know in order to continue saving lives. Roy is an excellent instructor who teaches in a very calm way; he is very thorough and knowledgeable of the content. He also ensures we are up-to-date with newer changes in training and policies from the HSF.

A. P. from London April 17, 2024

Just finished in person BLS CPR training in London Ontario. Roy was a fantastic teacher. He was patient and did not proceed with the course until he felt confident in all of our abilities. I finished the course feeling confident in my skill set, in case I ensure any life threatening emergencies.

K. S. from London ON April 17, 2024

Roy Bertrus is an exceptionally skilled BLS instructor who adeptly conveyed the course material in a clear and comprehensible manner, equipping us with the precise CPR skills needed.

J. N. from London April 08, 2024

Excellent presentation. Adequate time for practical demonstration.

S.A. from Chatham March 9, 2024

CPR class was taken in easy way to understand and we all got a chance to practice and demonstrate back what we learned. It was a great experience.

B. K. from London March 08, 2024

Great place to learn your BLS

S. P. from London February 07, 2024

It’s a great advantage and a pleasure to learn from an instructor who has a real passion for teaching. Excellent course. I enjoyed the spacious classroom and free parking as well. Highly recommended.

P. L. from London February 05, 2024

Overall, the course was efficient and well taught! The recorded videos of the instructor were not the greatest quality and sometimes hard to understand. Other than that, it was a good course with nice learning plan.

A. B. from London February 04, 2024

Excellent section. Friendly instructor.

F. J. from London February 03, 2024

Teacher is very nice

S. C. from London February 03, 2024

Thank you, Roy, for the comprehensive and engaging CPR and first aid training. Your expertise and clear instructions made it easy to understand and remember. I feel more confident and prepared to handle emergency situations now. Definitely recommend coming here!

A. C. from London February 03, 2024

The classes were really great. Got a good understanding about the practical part with all the equipments and facilities they provide.

S. F. from London February 02, 2024

The perfect place to renew your BLS certificate. I had a wonderful experience. Sir Roy is a very good instructor. Highly recommended!

A. D. from London January 27, 2024

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