BLS Renewal Course [CPR Level-HCP Renewal]

The Basic Life Support (BLS) Renewal course is a 2 hours (approximate time) long, fast-paced program that allows the experienced BLS providers for those who are confident in their BLS skills through regular use in their work to demonstrate knowledge through written and skills assessment. Successful completion of this course allows students to renew their BLS course completion card.

The prerequisite for admission to Heart & Stroke Foundation’s BLS Renewal course:

1) Current Heart & Stroke BLS Provider certification (taken within the last 12 months and current to the most recent guidelines release)

2) Successful completion of the online Heart & Stroke BLS Renewal Prerequisite Challenge.

Students without one of these prerequisites are not permitted to attend the Heart & Stroke BLS Renewal course. If you don’t have one of the above prerequisites, please register for the BLS provider full course which will be 4 hours duration.

Students need to come prepared. The BLS Renewal course is fast-paced, assumes you have retained the cognitive knowledge learned in the Heart and Stroke BLS Provider course and can demonstrate skills mastery. All participants are expected to be highly skilled BLS providers. This is not an entry-level course, those students who are unsuccessful in the skills or knowledge test will have to take a full BLS Provider course.

CPR ( HCP), CPR (C) and FIRST AID Courses

We conduct CPR ( HCP), CPR ( C ) and First Aid courses depending your requirement.

Emergency First Aid & CPR Level C is for the various employments and volunteer opportunities.  Standard First Aid & CPR Level C is for Dental hygienists, Dental Assistants, Police, Fire, First Responders, Workplace First Aid Teams, and Lifeguards

CPR HCP is for the Physicians, Nurses, Paramedics, PSWs and Allied Healthcare Providers (RT, OT, PT) and Student’s of those programs.

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