Excellent class experience. I learned a lot from Roy

S. S. from London January 11, 2024

The learning environment was spacious and top notch. Lots of facilities for demonstration. The instructor is very excellent in teaching of the subject matter. Finally, I grade them 99.9% and highly recommend them.

J. N. from London January 10, 2024

Quick response when I registered. The class was informative and efficient.

K. S. from London December 16, 2023

The class was very good and thr topics are well understanding . Definitely recommend to all

J. C. from London December 08, 2023

I had a very excellent experience, I recommend to this place for CPR training.

Y. H. from London December 05, 2023

Good course with informative videos and lots of hand on practice

B. S. from London December 03, 2023

BLS course, no complaints. Thorough and very informative.

F. K. from London November 23, 2023

Video and the demonstration in class was the perfect combo to learn.

B. R. from London November 18, 2023

Learned skills well from video and instructor

A. A. from Ilderton November 7, 2023

Amazing course! Roy was fantastic

A. P. from London October 20, 2023

A wonderfully comprehensive class without being overwhelming. Roy’s a wonderful teacher who mixes video instruction with hands on application of the material with plenty of practice. Any questions are answered clearly and effectively and shared with the group so that everyone can benefit

Anyone needing CPR, First Aid, and/or BLS would be well served by their class

P. P. from Woodstock September 03, 2023

Other than as a prerequisite for employment, one of my aspirations has always been to be able to learn CPR and First Aid. My expectations were surpassed by Cprinlondon. I gained a lot of knowledge. I’ve found the blended course to be convenient, and the teacher is very hands-on to us.

D. P. from Bluewater August 28, 2023

I really liked how there was an online theory component we could do in our own timing to prepare for the class and a day in class that was very hands on and practical. We got to practice each of the skills/techniques and as a result I feel more confident in the CPR/First aid skills I learned. The registration process was super easy and efficient too. Thanks Ray!

K. K. from Dutton August 28, 2023

Excellent class! Roy is very knowledgeable and helped me understand everything needed for CPR. Highly recommend!!

A. K. from London August 11, 2023

Very informative. Recommend for future nursing students.

L. A. from London August 05, 2023

Thorough class. Well taught by Roy.

A. C. from London August 05, 2023

This was such a great class! Roy was so nice and explained everything wonderfully and in good detail. He answered all our questions with helpful answers and he was so kind. I will definitely be going back here for my next training! Thank you!

K. T. from London Ontario August 04, 2023

The instructor was so knowledgeable and the class was good. Helped to have a good understanding about BLS .

F. A. from London August 03, 2023

This cpr bls class was great, I refreshed my memory and I was able to practice what I needed to.

A. M. from London August 03, 2023

Amazing course easy to understand and follow along to!

Thank you, Roy

C. R. from St.Thomas August 03, 2023

CPR ( HCP), CPR (C) and FIRST AID Courses

We conduct CPR ( HCP), CPR ( C ) and First Aid courses depending your requirement.

Emergency First Aid & CPR Level C is for the various employments and volunteer opportunities.  Standard First Aid & CPR Level C is for Dental hygienists, Dental Assistants, Police, Fire, First Responders, Workplace First Aid Teams, and Lifeguards

CPR HCP is for the Physicians, Nurses, Paramedics, PSWs and Allied Healthcare Providers (RT, OT, PT) and Student’s of those programs.

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