Very professional, patient, and helpful. Took time to address my concerns and questions. Would highly recommend for anyone in London

Dr. Z. A. from London April 12, 2023

Straight forward and efficient!

N. K. from london April 06, 2023


W. L. from London April 03, 2023

Very informative, good time for practice of techniques and went over multiple scenarios

S. A. from London April 03, 2023

very good instructor.

Y. K. from london April 03, 2023

Session was awesome and explained well

N. C. from London January 04, 2023

I had a great experience at CPR in London. The video presented was clear and straightforward, focusing on and reiterating key concepts while providing practical examples. Roy, the course instructor, paused the video as needed to coach and give feedback to students as they applied and practiced the taught CPR-related skills. I would recommend this course to anyone, healthcare provider or not, looking for a foundational understanding of the skills used to offer life-saving support to individuals affected by cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, opioid overdose, and choking events.

M. G. from London January 04, 2023

Very well presented. Recommend for any one who wants to learn the actual techniques of CPR.

D. P. from St Thomas December 05, 2022

Good class. Informative instructor. Felt supported.

Colleen from London October 27, 2022

Great class ! Very informative and interactive .

Samantha from London October 20, 2022

Great class, very effective !

Makiya from London October 20, 2022

This course was a review as I have already completed my CPR course. Roy effectively communicated instructions along with the video to teach the proper techniques , skills, and tries to ensure proper life support is given.

Natasha from London October 20, 2022

Class was very good. Instructor knows the material well and teaches effectively.

Alexandra from London October 20 2022

Roy is a great instructor. Very Knowledgeable.

Connie from London September 26, 2022

Thank you very much. Today was a wonderful review ūüôā

Jessica from Woodstock September 19, 2022

Except from the limitations due to the pandemic, the class was clearly explained and demonstrated.

Minu from London July 23 2022

The class was  run very smoothly. I enjoyed the video format along side hands on skill sessions with real-time feedback. My only suggestion for improvement is to utilize the live-feedback CPR dummies more.

Zoe from London June 10, 2022

Good experience, class was excellent and useful.

Amala from London January 20, 2022

Clear explanation, one on practice opportunity and individua; attention provided.

Jasmine from London January 20, 2022

Very clear instructions. Instructor knowledgeable. Appreciate all the practice and opportunity to ask questions.

Lena from London December 18, 2021

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