Combined First Aid, BLS and Mask Fit Test Program(Standard First Aid $100, BLS $60, Mask Fit $40 plus tax)

Combined First Aid, BLS and Mask Fit Test Program

We have started a new program to provide Standard First Aid with CPR Level C, N95 Mask Fit Test and BLS Provider Course together to help needy students. College and University students will get a 12.5% discount for this special program. Instead the total cost $225 plus tax, they will pay only $200 plus tax.

If you need only Standard First Aid and BLS Classes, still you get a discounted fee of $160 plus tax. All together you will pay $180.80.

The courses delivery will be spreading over two days.

Day 1:On a convenient day for the student, he or she will have to complete an online theory course for the Standard First Aid class.

Day 2: On the practical class day morning they will practice BLS and Level C CPR skills and afternoon till 5.30pm they will practice First Aid Skills. Then they will get the N95 Mask Fit Test done. Students will get all certificates after completion.

Click ‘Register’ to find a combined program date as they are limited.