We conduct N95 MASK   FIT   TESTING

We provide 3M N95 Mask Fit testing for Hospitals, Universities, Colleges, Nursing homes, Retirement homes, Medical/Dental offices, Other work places and individuals.

We use two Respirator Testing methods for N95 Mask Fit Testing according to the CSA Z94.4 standards.

1) Qualitative Fit Test is conducted for smaller groups or individuals.

In order to receive a certificate, the participant must be able to successfully pass the administered taste test requiring the candidates to demonstrate how to properly don/doff the mask, do seal checks, and how to complete general care and maintenance of the respirator.

2) Quantitative Fit Test Method is conducted for larger groups like hospitals, universities and others.

We use a Technologically Advanced Latest Respirator Fit Testing Instrument to conduct the testing. The participant should pass the test and able to demonstrate how to properly don/doff the mask, do seal checks, and how to complete general care and maintenance of the respirator.

We will come to your work place or institution for groups over 10 participants. You can email us at cprbyhsf@gmail.com to reserve a date.

We conduct fit tests with 3M N95  8210,1860,8200, 8110S,1804,  1870+ AND 1860S masks at present time. From March 2024, we will CONDUCT Full Face and Half face mask Respirator testing TOO.  FIT TEST CERTIFICATES ARE VALID FOR TWO YEARS.

Each test will take 15-20 minutes to complete. Please CLICK REGISTER and reserve your spot.

Our Venue for individual testing:

London Location – West Mount Mall, 785 Wonderland Road South, London, ON N6K 1M6.  Testing is conducted at CPR Training center                 in Western Driving Academy premises.

Woodstock Location – 318 Kent St, Woodstock, Ontario, N4S 8L5

Kitchener -Waterloo Location – 258C Sunview St, Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 0H8

Our charges: 

We charge $50 plus tax per one individual test. We may use disposable hood or reusable ones per each person. For groups of 10 or more people, we give 10% to 20% discount and please email us for details. we charge $40 plus tax per person if you come with a correct size N95 mask. Please pay before the test date.

Preparation for the MASK FIT TEST:

🙂 You must not smoke, eat, chew gum, drink any liquids (except water) at least 15 minutes prior to the test, to ensure an accurate, successful respirator mask fit test (All types of masks).

🙂 Please remove facial jewelry or other items that stays between the skin and respirator.

🙂 You must be clean shaven 12 to 24 hours before the Respirator Protection Training testing procedure.

🙂 Candidates with asthma, respiratory conditions, heart conditions, and/or anxiety may or may not be properly fit tested. Those candidates may be required to get the clearance from your family physician before your mask fit test.

🙂 You should email us the completed Mask Fit Test Questionnaire form one day before the test.


We may use the Mask Fit Testing Machine for larger groups. The machine  measures particle concentration in the ambient air and inside of the mask, and determines how well a mask fits by comparing the ratio of these particle concentrations. The ratio of the above concentrations is called “fit factor”. If the fit factor is 100, it essentially means that the inside of the mask is 100 times as clean as the ambient air.

Fit factor 100 or over is considered passing the Fit Test.