We do Mask Fit Testing


Respirator Mask Fit Testing


A successful and legally compliant respiratory protection is important to provide a safe working environment. Employees required wearing tight-fitting respiratory protection in the workplace. Hence, performing a user seal check is required prior to use. There are two generally accepted methods; Qualitative and Quantitative method for Respirator Fit Testing according to a National CSA Standard Z94. 4-11, August 2011.  Both methods require a trained professional to conduct an in-person assessment and training on the selection, care and use of designated respirators.  In Ontario, the Occupational Health and Safety Act suggests Respirator Fit Testing to be conducted every 2 years.


It is important to get fit tested from a trained professional to ensure you receive the right training and testing for respirator use!  We offer both Individual and Group testing options with the qualitative method.


Qualitative Testing:  This method of fit testing is a two-part test that requires the participants to validate the taste of a fit testing agent in part one and then subjectively assess the lack of taste in part two.  This method of fit testing provides an accurate and affordable fit testing experience.  Testing takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes and can be conducted in groups of 1 to 10 participants. We use standard qualitative fit testing protocols that are described by the Canadian Standards Association using recommended aerosols and 3M N95


We test participants with the following disposable 3M N95 Respirators: 8210 , 8110S , 9210+


If you need mask fit testing just for you or your workplace need it for a group just send an email to  cprbyhsf@gmail.com.We can arrange a date and time at your convenience. We do mask fitting only in the morning. One test will take 15 minutes.