Thank you very much. Today was a wonderful review ūüôā

Jessica from Woodstock September 19, 2022

Except from the limitations due to the pandemic, the class was clearly explained and demonstrated.

Minu from London July 23 2022

The class was  run very smoothly. I enjoyed the video format along side hands on skill sessions with real-time feedback. My only suggestion for improvement is to utilize the live-feedback CPR dummies more.

Zoe from London June 10, 2022

Good experience, class was excellent and useful.

Amala from London January 20, 2022

Clear explanation, one on practice opportunity and individua; attention provided.

Jasmine from London January 20, 2022

Very clear instructions. Instructor knowledgeable. Appreciate all the practice and opportunity to ask questions.

Lena from London December 18, 2021

Straight forward, easy to understand, very informative.

Jodi from London December 9, 2021

Great location, Great classroom environment, awesome instructor, very well organized and informative. Thank you

Adenike from Sarnia July 29, 2021

Very professional and focused delivery of current CPR techniques and regulations.

Laura from London July 29, 2021

Clear instructions, Made sure everything was understood.

Katrina from London July 29, 2021

Very informative, detailed knowledge and important aspects were taught.

Nidhi from Woodstock July 19, 2021

Very informative, Good group setting.

Sarah from London July 19, 2021

Very well run while maintaining COVID protocols.

Steven from Appin July 19, 2021

Very good review. Instructor explains everything very thoroughly.

Nicole from London July 19, 2021

Good pace and adequate opportunities for practice. Clear explanations from the instructor.

Laura from London June 17, 2021

Great class, informative instructor, well adapted to COVID protocols.

Yueyang from London June 17, 2021

Well organized. Great instructor who provided directions.

Shifaz from London June 15, 2021

Great instructor, enjoyed interactive work

Shreyas from London June 3, 2021

Very comprehensive good instructions, Opportunities for simulations to solidify  knowledge.

Margaret from London June 3, 2021

Good concise teaching, highlighting key things to know.

Eric from London June 3, 2021

CPR ( HCP), CPR (C) and CPR ( B ) level courses

We conduct CPR ( HCP), CPR ( C ) and CPR ( B ) level courses depending on your requirement.

CPR B is for the Child Care Workers.

CPR C is for the  Dental hygienists, Dental Assistants, Police, Fire, First Responders, Workplace First Aid Teams, and Lifeguards

CPR HCP is for the Physicians, Nurses, Paramedics, PSWs and Allied Healthcare Providers (RT, OT, PT) and Student’s of those programs.

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