Pay your CORRECT fee once you receive an email from the instructor confirming your registration to the selected course. TWO ways to pay your fees.

Option 1 : (PREFERRED METHOD) Please e-transfer the correct fee including tax for the selected course before the class date to cprbyhsf@gmail.com. Bank will not ask for a password as auto deposit has been activated.

                                    BLS FULL COURSE is $60.00  plus tax:              $ 67.80

                                    CPR/AED ( Level C) is $ 60.00 plus tax:              $ 67.80

                            BLS RENEWAL COURSE is $50.00 plus tax:              $ 56.50

                 CPR/AED ( Level C) RENEWAL  is $50.00 plus tax:              $ 56.50

              FULL COURSES FOR STUDENTS   $50.00 plus tax :              $ 56.50

   RENEWAL COURSES FOR STUDENTS    $ 40.00 plus tax :              $ 45.20                                                

Option 2: You can  SECURELY pay with a credit card (will cost you $2 extra as the PayPal fee). No need to have a PayPal account.

CPR Courses

Students need to show 2021 student ID when attending the class.

IMPORTANT: If you do not show up for the CPR class, refunds will be subjected to a $10.00 administrative fee. Rescheduling will be allowed before the class date with no additional cost.

Mask Fit Testing Fee will be fully refunded if testing is not done


CPR ( HCP), CPR (C) and CPR ( B ) level courses

We conduct CPR ( HCP), CPR ( C ) and CPR ( B ) level courses depending on your requirement.

CPR B is for the Child Care Workers.

CPR C is for the  Dental hygienists, Dental Assistants, Police, Fire, First Responders, Workplace First Aid Teams, and Lifeguards

CPR HCP is for the Physicians, Nurses, Paramedics, PSWs and Allied Healthcare Providers (RT, OT, PT) and Student’s of those programs.

Our Courses