Upcoming Courses

We conduct Basic Life Support ( BLS ) Provider Full Courses on every Saturdays and Sundays at 9.00am ( Except certain weekends). We also have BLS Renewal Courses on Mondays and Fridays at 10.00am. Heartsaver or CPR ( Level C ) Full Courses are conducted on Wednesday at 9.00am. Click REGISTER for more details.




BLS Course: You should be a Health Care Provider or a Student. You need to study the BLS 2015 manual before attending the class.

BLS Renewal course: You should have an active BLS certificate received within last one year period. You should be a Health Care Provider or a Student. Need to study BLS 2015 manual before the class. If your BLS certificate is already expired or you have a Non-BLS valid CPR HCP level certificate, you need to do BLS Renewal Prerequisite Challenge.


Heart Saver Course: If you are a Care Giver or other professional who needs CPR certification for employment or a student of such program, this is the correct program for you. You need to study Heart Saver 2015 manual before attending the class.

Study meterials


Please purchase the correct manual for your course from the following website.

If you order the printed copy, shipping may take at least 5 days.

  For the BLS Provider Course :

You can buy BLS Provider 2015 Manual ( RE3310E )printed copy or pdf copy (RE3310ED)

  For the Heartsaver Course :

 CPR AED Student Workbook   print copy (RE1110E)  or eBook (RE1110ED)


Paying your course fee


Pay your fee once you receive an email from the instructor confirming your registration to the selected course. Three ways to pay your fees.

Option 1 : (PREFERRED METHOD) Please e-transfer the correct fee including tax for the selected course before the class date to cprbyhsf@gmail.com mentioning the “Name of the Course ?” as the question and BLSHSF as the answer.

BLS FULL COURSE $50 plus tax: $ 56.50

CPR/AED ( Level C) $ 50 plus tax: $ 56.50

BLS RENEWAL COURSE : $40 plus tax : $ 45.20

CPR/AED ( Level C) RENEWAL COURSE : $ 40 plus tax : $45.20

Option 2: You can securely pay with a credit card (will cost you $2 extra as the PayPal fee). No need to have a PayPal account. The tax will be added when checking out.

Option 3: If you forgot to pay the fee in advance, still you can pay on the day of the class in cash for the Full Course $60 and Renewal Course $50. Student cash fee will be $50.

Students Get 20% Discount: You need to show 2018 student ID when attending the class. Students may e-transfer the fee with a 20% discount.

IMPORTANT: If you do not show up, refunds will be subjected to a $10.00 administrative fee. Rescheduling will be allowed before the class date with no additional cost.